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At Central Ave Physiotherapy, we strive to continually provide high quality service, treatment and experience using our vast knowledge of skills and treatment options.

Whether seeking physiotherapy or exercise therapy, we are committed to improving and maintaining your functional independence and performance, assisting in the prevention of injury, treatment of physical impairment and disability, and promoting your overall fitness, health and wellness.


Great friendly staff.

Great friendly staff. Made an appointment and told them exactly what I wanted to have done and they did exactly that! Couldn’t have been any better!

- Carter

Would highly recommend her.

Carla Phoenix does and excellent job and makes the patients feel very comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

- Cody

Thank you Shawna!

Your reception staff are friendly, courteous and helpful. Shawna Legault is an excellent Physiotherapist. Her expertise, experience and caring instil in me a great confidence and appreciation.

- Cathi

I would highly recommend her.

Cindy was informal (which I like) and thorough and we got the issue fixed In one session. She even called me the next day to be sure I was better.

- Jacqueline

she explained procedures clearly..

Kerrie took the time to really assess my problem asking many pertinent questions and listened closely to my answers.. she explained procedures clearly..

- Esther


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Our team’s multidisciplinary approach to health care is to promote, restore and prolong physical independence. We encourage clients to assume responsibility for their health and to participate in a dynamic team approach to their rehabilitation.

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    Stress-Related Headaches Can be Difficult to Live With – Consult With a PT Today

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